Franchise Your Business

Business Owners...Have you ever considered franchising your business?

Franchise Quest can also provide assistance to business owners who want to franchise their business. The primary barrier to expansion faced by business owners is CAPITAL. Franchising provides the business owner the opportunity to expand without the capital expense or time commitment of company owned units. Thus, franchising allows businesses to grow without the risk of debt or the cost of equity.

Franchising is a strategy for the growth and expansion of a business, in which the franchisor licenses to the franchisee for a period of time, the trademark, operating and business plan, as well as other proprietary information/materials. For many business owners, franchising is the most efficient way to grow and expand their business.

In a franchise relationship, you would receive an upfront licensing (franchise) fee from your franchisee(s), continuous residual income based on a percentage of sales and other potential financial rewards. You would be duplicating your business with a similar look, feel, and products / services, etc. just like your existing location(s).

If interested in additional information on receiving professional assistance to guide your business through the franchise process, including all the necessary legal, business, operations, sales and marketing steps, please call, or email your request including your name; name / type of business; and phone number.