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Everywhere you look today, you will see franchises. Sorting through the thousands of franchise and business opportunities ("Biz-ops") which are available today, can be a long and confusing process. Many people spend months reviewing franchise offerings without ever finding an opportunity that has what they really want in a business. Yes, you could spend a considerable amount of time researching different franchises on your own, but you could be very diligent in your efforts and still miss the opportunity that is truly "right" for you. Most people get overwhelmed and don't know how to identify the right opportunity. When they are unsure where or how to proceed...they STOP. Many of those who don't want to Franchise Quest.

Franchise Quest is not a sales agent for any franchise companies. Therefore, I am not in the business of passing out brochures, or other types of promotional materials. My role is to function as a match maker between qualified candidates and quality franchisors, in much the same way executive recruiters identify qualified candidates for companies. I will save you considerable time and effort by introducing you to franchise / business opportunities that meet your goals and needs. Many people succeed with franchises / business opportunities they never would have looked at, or even explore when they first started their search.

We will discuss your background, why you want to own a business, your goals, lifestyle needs, preferences and your investment parameters. Together we will crystallize your objectives and needs and then I will conduct a search to identify business opportunity / franchise options that align with your goals, skills, interests, geographic location and desired investment range. You will be presented with 3-5 appropriate options and you tell me which opportunities best fit with your goals, needs and interest, I will introduce you at a high level in those organizations, so you get immediate attention.

Exploring franchises and/or business opportunities, is a "process" and not a "one-time" event. At each step in the process we will add another layer of information to get you to the point where you have enough information to make an informed decision as to what is best for you to meet your goals, objectives, lifestyle / family needs and financial requirements.

Normally, the process takes 4 to 5 months from the time a serious candidate begins his/her search until the business opens. This time-line can be shorter, or longer depending on the concept and attributes of the particular business, as well as how much time and energy the candidate has to devote to the process.

Expect to get nervous. Don't let anxiety steal your dream.
Considering buying a business can be extremely exhilarating and simultaneously can be a time of high anxiety...this is normal. How do I know? Because I have previously made the "quest", and experienced the "life-cycle" of business / franchise ownership. Let my experience aid you in your journey to franchise ownership.

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